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POPIA Checklist is a free assessment tool we run on your website to gauge the website readiness for compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) – South Africa’s data protection law.


*We will not share your personal information or promote any other services to you, except supplying you with a free no-obligation quote an assessment report.

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POPIA Checklist only tests & assess your website platform for POPIA Compliancy. We do not assess  your business, company or organization’s policies & procedures for POPIA Compliancy. We are only a component of POPIA Compliancy. For more information to comply on other areas of business, contact a professional Information Officer for assistance.

POPIA Website Platform Compliancy costs can range from as little as R420 to R4800 once off. The average once off costs is about R2220.

Monthly fees can range from R0 to R450.

*Terms & Conditions Apply. 

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